We believe that with preventive care products, people can feel more responsible for the future of their health, and it also gives relief to health institutions.

We have experience conducting business in various markets in a more localized manner and adapt our product portfolio according to market needs.

AbiCure Sweden AB works with products that help HCP and consumers more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our head office in Sweden targets Scandinavian markets with our sales and marketing team, but we also directly operate in some Asian markets such as Pakistan.
For the rest of the world, we work closely with our distribution network.

Our Vision

AbiCure is dedicated to creating awareness of preventive care with our products for wellbeing of people life.

Our Mission

Is to develop our marketing and sales organization and develop a robust international distribution network to bring innovative, well-researched, clinically proven products to market.

Project Asia

The preventive care segment is highly ignored in most of the Asian markets or at least not on the top of the agenda by Governments and major healthcare stakeholders. AbiCure Sweden AB sees great potential to grow our products in that region.

Our branch office in Pakistan is part of AbiCure Sweden AB’s “Project Asia” and our first step toward developing a strong network of distributors and partners in Asia.

Doing business in such large population countries can be challenging, and for many small and medium size companies, it can be impossible. Cultural differences, economic situations, and understanding the needs of local partners sometimes lead in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, those markets offer big opportunities due to the fact of the big population and health conditions.

The key is to find the right partner and a better understanding of the cultural and economic situations.

We aim to act as a bridge between Sweden and Asia to introduce other Swedish and innovative European products and healthcare solutions to that market.

Join us to change the world. If you have a product or a service that you would like to bring to Asian markets, then AbiCure Sweden AB can help you with that.