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Why did Abicure Choose Asia?

Discover a new era with AbiCure as we strategically expand into the dynamic markets of Asia. By focusing on the Asian market, we position ourselves as leaders in business development, capitalizing on the region's massive population, rapid economic growth, and cutting-edge technology. Recognizing the immense potential and increasing demand for innovative health solutions in Asia, this move becomes a distinctive opportunity for growth and innovation. In the dynamic landscape of Asia, with its expansive population, thriving economies, and cutting-edge technology, we find the perfect stage for healthcare transformation.

Our First Step in Asia:

AbiCure's strategic foray into Asia began with the establishment of our headquarters in Pakistan in September 2022. Following the successful launch of our branch office, we're now poised for a new venture in one of the world's largest markets.

Abicure acquisition in Algene Medical PVT Ltd, has been one of the most significant driving forces for our first step into Asia. In collaboration with our esteemed partner, Algene Medical Pvt Ltd, we laid the foundation for Project Asia by establishing our first branch office in Pakistan. This significant milestone allows us to directly operate in the dynamic Pakistani market, addressing the healthcare needs of a population of 231 million. Our dedicated team, comprising 50 adept professionals, has initiated sales operations in Pakistan since 2023, with plans to double our efforts in 2024. This strategic expansion aims to fortify our position in promoting groundbreaking healthcare solutions.

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Looking ahead, AbiCure is gearing up for an ambitious expansion plan in Asia. In the fourth quarter of 2024, we're set to establish a robust distribution network in India. Motivated by India's vast market potential, thriving pharmaceutical industry, skilled workforce, favorable regulatory environment, and cultural understanding, Project Asia aims to position AbiCure as a leading provider of healthcare solutions in this dynamic region.

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