AbiCure’s Asian Venture with Algene Medical

AbiCure Sweden AB proudly announces its expansion into the Asian market with the establishment of a branch office in Pakistan, fostering a strategic collaboration with Algene Medical Pvt Ltd, a well-established player in the region. This partnership positions AbiCure to execute impactful and continuous product launches.

Tabish Waseem, Commercial Director of AbiCure Sweden AB and interim CEO of the Pakistan branch, states, ‘This marks AbiCure Sweden AB’s inaugural venture into Asia, starting with Pakistan, a nation of 220 million people. Our mission is to introduce innovative, cost-effective, and efficient healthcare solutions to the people of Pakistan.’

Strategic Investment in Algene Medical:

In a recent development, AbiCure Sweden PVT Ltd., a subsidiary of AbiCure Sweden AB, has committed a substantial investment of 25 million SEK in Algene Medical PVT Ltd, securing a 25% ownership stake. This investment aims to strengthen Algene Medical’s operations and support its expansion within the Pakistani market.

AbiCure’s Expansion Plan in Asian Markets

AbiCure Sweden AB, currently active in Pakistan, envisions further growth by establishing branch offices in other pivotal Asian markets. With a current team of 50 highly skilled sales and marketing professionals, the company aims to expand its sales team to 120 representatives by year-end and targets 250 by 2025. The ambitious goal is to achieve 1.5 billion SEK in sales over the next five years, leveraging both existing and upcoming product portfolios.

AbiCure’s Commitment to Preventive Care:

AbiCure Sweden AB is committed to promoting awareness of preventive healthcare practices through its diverse product line. Exclusive trademarks and continuous product development define the company’s approach. Focusing on Asian markets and therapeutic areas such as Gynecology, Nephrology, and Cardiology, AbiCure is poised for expansion into Surgery, Oncology, and Pulmonology. The company is open to collaborative opportunities, well-equipped to assist or lead projects of various scales. Recognized as a reliable partner, AbiCure effectively communicates product messages to healthcare professionals.

Unlocking Asian Opportunities: AbiCure’s Proud Partnership with Algene Medical

For those seeking the best opportunities in Asia, Algene Medical is the key contact. With decades of experience in Pakistan, Algene Medical is well-positioned to facilitate fruitful collaborations and explore the vast potential of the Asian market.

For further information about Algene Medical, visit their website at https://algenemedical.com/ or contact them directly at +92 3452222090.

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